Friday, April 20, 2012

The Art of Joy project bio

It all began as an idea of "self-improvement" by Nickolas Galiouris in 2007. The first experiments produced a lo-fi work, named "Music for a Low-Bbudget, B-Movie"(recorded and mixed at NIGHT MAIL productions' home-studio).

By February 2008, the new material that had piled up was transformed into AJP's concept album "The Clown". The album consists of six original tracks and a hidden one.

Early in 2010 the CD was self-released under NIGHT MAIL productions. The whole effort is self-funded and only 500 numbered copies were produced. The album's booklet, depicts six paintings by the painter Mahi Vlahou-Fragou, stating clearly that "The Clown" talks about freedom and various strings attached. In May 2010 the CD was presented live by Nick Galiouris himself and Inner Sleeves . After the presentation Nick joined Inner Sleeves for a year and by 2011 AJP turned acoustic.

In 2011 & 2012, AJP took part in NMP's Stations 1 & 2 . "Stations" gave Nickolas the opportunity, to find a partner in crime, and brought in the collaboration with the guitarist Nick Tsirtoglou.

Right now, AJP is setting plans for an acoustic CD and getting ready for the "Athens Fringe Live festival" .

Stay tuned for more,

c u on the other side!

Nickolas Galiouris
for the Art of Joy project

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